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SEEDS Literary & Visual Arts Journal is a community-based publication funded by Northeastern Illinois University. We strive to put the most interesting, unheard, and unique voices in the spotlight of what we do, promoting creative and political freedom to say what artists feel like they must. We publish two issues a year with a variety of forms that span from prose (fiction or non-fiction), poetry, and visual arts. Check out our submissions page for more information on how to submit your work to our journal.

Click here for current submission guidelines- https://seedslitjournal.wordpress.com/submissions/call-for-submission-spring-2016/

7 thoughts on “About SEEDS

  1. Hi, I’m a English major. I’m interested in joining the seeds literary and visual arts club. Please contact me asap thanks!


  2. How can I get involved and what is the deadline for this term? 2 of my teachers have mentioned it but none of them know the dealine.


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your interest. An exact date is not set for the deadline this term as of yet. You can expect that it will be near the middle or end of October. You are welcome to start submitting work now. The final deadline for this semester will be posted here on our website, as well as social media, within the next few weeks. Please follow the guidelines on this website, our facebook page or you can email us to have them sent directly to you. Our email address is Seeds.NEIU@gmail.com.

      If you are interested in being part of the Seeds team, please email us with any experience (including classes) you may have. If you do not think that you have experience–no problem. We are looking to fill many positions ranging from senior editors, junior editors, social media managers, public relations representatives and officer positions etc.

      I look forward speaking with you in the near future. Again our email address is- Seeds.NEIU@gmail.com

      Best Wishes,



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